Why it is ideal to get stickers from professional sticker makers

Sticker marketing sounds so good, doesn’t it? You can elevate your product packaging, reach new customers and create a stunning guerrilla campaign for your brand. But, as with many things, the first steps can be the most difficult. 

You might be asking yourself, where do you even start when looking into sticker printing? Should you print them at home? Or choose a professional supplier? And if you go with a supplier, how will you know if they are any good? 

We have answers for you. In this article, you can find everything you need to know about professional sticker printing. Below, you will find out how sticker printing companies can support you and what services you should expect from a great supplier. Are you ready? Then let’s jump in. 

  1. Professionals on site

If you have never ordered stickers before, you might not be familiar with the process. A significant part of ordering stickers is the interaction with a professional design team. 

Are you already a Photoshop pro? Then you probably do not need that interference, and a simple double-check will be enough. However, if you are new to design or struggle with a specific change you would like to make, the design team is here for you. 

On top of that, a good sticker printer will not send your artwork to print without your approval. After you have placed your order, you are usually sent a design proof. That is a digital representation of what your design will look like printed. 

This gives you the chance to intervene, should you not be happy, or to ask for changes to be made. This mostly happens free of charge to ensure you will be 100% satisfied with your final stickers. 

  1. Benefit from a great set-up

The beauty of choosing a professional sticker printer is that they are equipped to deal with most orders. They have state-of-the-art technology that guarantees a high product quality and a precise cut line. 

Even before that, it is worth browsing their selection of custom vinyls. Most sticker printers hold a huge selection of more traditional materials like white and clear, but also so-called effect materials that come in metallic or fluorescent colours. Some even offer a compostable alternative to your standard plastic sticker. 

Going with a professional sticker printer means that you can benefit from a great selection of materials and machinery. You can also pick different materials for new product ranges, or simply try out new styles. (Hint: Most sticker printers offer material samples, a great way to get up close and personal with them.)

  1. Save time (and money)

Printing stickers at home is surely an option. But if you are starting with a blank canvas, it can get expensive: printers, laminators, cutters and different materials are all things that you might need to buy. 

Moreover, it can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are after a die cut sticker with an intricate cutline. These often have to be hand-cut with scissors if you do not have the right equipment. 

Printing your custom stickers with a printing company can save you all of this time, and quite a bit of money. While others do the work, you can relax or focus on other aspects of your business. And then, once your stickers arrive, you can get creative. 

If you are working with a tight deadline, make sure to check the lead times your printing company advertises, including the time it takes to ship to your location. 

And those were three reasons why it can be ideal to work with a professional stickers printing company. What is your experience? Do you print your stickers at home and absolutely love it? Or are you team sticker printer? Let us know in the comments below.